How Scheduling Temper Tantrums Increases Productivity

When I want to create something new in my life and achieve a goal that challenges me, I notice that halfway into the goal, something would happen with me. I got tired of doing the thing that either got boring or uncomfortable or challenging and would want to quit (at least for a couple of weeks). I’d pretty much tell myself a million reasons why I shouldn’t need to meet a deadline or get my work done. One of my favorite justifications for not going after my goal was YOLO, I mean there is fun to be had, things to do and the instant gratification of spending my time doing “fun” stuff is always a lure for me, except I noticed if I gave up on my goal, I actually didn’t enjoy the “fun”. I was merely running away from the work when it got challenging and that didn’t make me feel so fun and happy, AT ALL.

So how did I decipher whether I needed to get through this goal or quit? Well, first off, if I focus myself on a goal, there is always a reason behind my desire and it is usually for something very rewarding. I ask myself this simple question and it will get me back on track (after tireless inner dialogues that feel like I’m talking to a difficult 2 year old). After all the whining and complaining and justifying I do with myself , I finally get to the nitty gritty and answer this question.

What is the reason behind this goal?

If it is so I can share helpful information to others that may be inspired by my work then of course this is important to me. If it is so I can be strong and healthy DUH. Yeah when I’m sleep deprived and I don’t really like waking up at 5am to get my workout done, I’m still going to do it. Even writing this blog. Yesterday “I forgot” that I needed to write it. I convinced myself that no one reads my blog and I could totally forget about it and no one would even know about it.

But then I asked myself the question and my answer told me that this work is my dream work so I better show up for it. I don’t care if one person reads it or a million (ok, I mean I would be happy with a million readers) but really this work I do is not about the numbers, its about affecting change for someone that may need this. The one person that is on their journey about to give up and this blog finds them. Cuz here’s the thing, when we give up, we give up on ourselves and the things that matter most to us. Honestly, this blog may not be the best written or the has the most readers but trust me people for me it awesome that I am showing up, calling myself out on my temper tantrum and pushing through.

And that’s why I decided to schedule my meltdowns, seriously. You know how much time I save knowing this entire process is about to happen. This cheat in the way my mind works has saved me countless hours of berating myself for giving up. I now just say oh there it is, I was waiting for you and go on my merry way. No more of that chastising for not being perfect. NOPE. If I know that part of my process to get things done involves my inner temper tantrum then I can welcome it in. Then I wouldn’t think I needed to give up I would just know it was part of the way my thoughts take over, have the darn tantrum and be done with it. Sort of like I just did here.

So here’s what I say today, start scheduling your giving up, failure like mentality and do the freaking thing anyway. Know it’s coming up and invite it in.

Set the table, polish the silver, and greet that temper tantrum like you were waiting for it with open arms.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts, inner whispers and all that’s in between. Happy trails and remember to mark that calendar, TT is a frequent guest in my house. 😊