Belly Dancing & Quantum Entanglements


Contemplating what to write and speak about comes to me in odd ways, I like to call them signs (see my video right here).

Once I open myself up to receiving those first initial signs, this cool process of inspiration starts to unfold, whether or not you believe in the augury clues of out there or see them as your inner guide from the unconscious telling you what’s best for you (I happen to believe in both), I take my symbolic guideposts as a very important part of my journey. This month’s chosen topic was no different in the message department, it came from my new-found love of belly dancing and my long passion of quantum physics coupled with those indirect “ciphers” that continually nudge me along the way.

Here's how belly dancing, quantum entanglements and taking chances all came to be.

A day after my weird cogitated mishmash of coupling symbolism with science, I received, what I like to call, the confirmation nudge, it came from an inspirational author, in one of her monthly emails. An email this time and yet these affirmations come in many mysterious ways, sometimes much more eerie (maybe not completely eerie but I did get your attention with that word, didn’t I?). Soooo, my girl says in her very profound writing style, “waiting is withering” -Tama Kieves, when I read this I immediately thought, Oh yeah it is!!!. And thank you for confirming my idea of talking about doing things that make you feel uncomfortable. Off I went into putting this blog together.

That statement pointed me right back to the belly dancing and quantum entanglements I was excited to talk about since it symbolized how we can grow and make a difference when we are putting ourselves into new situations that may be awkward and clumsy. Yup I read that all in those 3 words because, most importantly, it is where I wanted to be lead.

Consequently, this blog is to pay tribute to and support living life comfortable in the clumsy through belly dancing, quantum entanglements or heck, whatever else floats your boat.

Now, the fun part... belly dancing... oh how I love thee.

Belly dancing is the latest in the line of me trying uncomfortable things.Though, I am a girl that loves dancing, my lanky body isn’t always the most coordinated and as excited as I was to be taking the class with friends, I was taking the class with my BEST dancing friends, yeah you know who you are amazing girlies, ones that knew how to cut the rug and look fab while doing it.

I say this because...

I’m wondering how many times being in a situation where you could look bad would deter you?

So often we stop and pause and perhaps freeze when we consider doing something out of the ordinary. Something that rocks us straight out of our comfort zone and into discomfort and maybe, as in my belly dancing case…into straight awkwardness. (By the way, we just had our show and it was awesome, you see if I can manage my moves with practice, trust me people you can do anything you put your mind, body and soul into.!!!!!!)

Here's a pic. If I look happy, nervous and everything in between it's because I was out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there, it's quite the scary accomplishment!

You see, so often we get into counting on our confidence to get us through things. If we are not feeling confident, we are feeling like we should wait until we get more confidant at it. But here’s the thing, while we are waiting we are withering (thank you Tama again, I LOVE this), we are not growing in our discomfort which by the way is the first step in building confidence. Ahhh the irony…

Here’s the catch, if we count on our confidence instead of the uncomfortable feelings of doing something we don’t know, we then limit our opportunities to expand because if we are not doing things that we are good at, things that we haven’t learned to master, then we are doing the things we know and what we are good at which can be safe, comfortable, easy AND DULL.

Safety is a wonderful thing, just as anything, when taken in small doses, yet, certainly not the way to start living a life different from the one you are living now. I cannot emphasize enough, how important it is to do things that are weird and foreign to you, that stretch you beyond your familiar cozy places, because this is where we really find the zest and progress in life. It is where we realize how majorly freaking awesome you are when you do things that shake you up a bit…repeat that affirmation lovelies because you so are.

Now, about how quantum entanglements relate to this.

If you’ve caught me on my videos, Nell At Night, I’ve frequently talked about leading through example, teaching others through doing my best at being a better person (READ: not a perfect person, I don’t always do things correctly, but I do my best at the time and continue to keep readjusting along the way) because the way I see it, what I do also has a heavy influence on others as well. This has less to do with ME being the only one capable of this and more with the idea that the greatest change in the world begins with the self.

In other words,

“In order to change the world, you must first change yourself. In order to have the right to see what is wrong with the world, you must first earn that right through seeing what is wrong with yourself. We do not become influencers, leaders and teachers, through pulling on our better attributes and applying those better attributes to a broken world like a healing balm; rather, we become influencers, leaders and teachers in this world, by performing within ourselves the purging that we wish to see take place in others.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Stay with me on how this scientific theory fits into all of this... according to from LiveScience Infographic, he states that,

“In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. The phenomenon so riled Albert Einstein he called it "spooky action at a distance." -Karl Tate

Who doesn’t love the word spooky when it comes to science? And more importantly how does this relate to leading through example by trying things out of the ordinary while others are influenced to do the same?

In a very simplified way, quantum entanglement is the theory that we are all interconnected. This indicates the phenomena of how psychic abilities have a scientific underpinning.

Meaning, what you do for you can very much affect others because of this quantum entanglements marvel and the cosmic connection we share. WHOA that’s a big leap right? You may either dig this concept or display some skepticism, either is fine. Nevertheless, here’s how I make my choice to decide if something is right for me… I ask, will this belief, that I am not yet able to prove (to myself because it hasn’t happened yet) increase or decrease my quality of life and take me in the direction of where I want to be?

So, if this sounds like something that can lead you towards living a happy positive life where you are contributing your best to people….um, I say why not? What do you say?

As a side prize of going out of your comfort zone, you are also changing the world one awesome step at a time. Here's are giving others permission to step out and grow because if they see you do it, they think, hey why can’t I do it too?

If you aren’t motivated to do it for yourself, maybe the idea of knowing how good it is for others will get that fire going under you’re your tushie. Isn’t it a wonderful concept to think that while you are bettering yourself, you are inspiring humanity, that stretching yourself to be the best you for you and oh yeah the whole world actually makes it a better place?!

Now that’s what I call a win win.

And so I leave you with these neat quotes that sums up our interconnectedness and my message to you.

“In the world of quantum physics, there's a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. Entanglement is when two separate particles bond so strongly that what happens to one affects the other, even if they become separated by thousands of miles. Humans are also made up of tiny sub-atomic particles, leading some scientists to believe our own particles may get "entangled" with other people's” -Carrie Manner

“So be grateful for where you find yourself today & all the lessons it has taught you but don’t be afraid to think beyond what you can currently see & touch. Ponder options beyond your comfort zone & consider what you could do to make a difference – remembering that what may seem small to you may make a huge difference for someone else.”


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Namaste friends and remember to keep riding the beautiful waves of life.