If You’re Happy and Ya Know It


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I'll be sharing a monthly post related to my Nell at Night videos. AND if you don't watch them, no need to fret lovely one, the info I share will be explicable without the video. AND, If your just dying to check out this months video, I've made it easy for you to just click and watch. AND if you liked it, well then please go ahead and subscribe to my channel.

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This months video was about feeling into our bodies and imagining what it would be like to achieve these things, which is a key step in creating your vision. Read: not the only step but a major player.

So in the light of feeling into and creating our vision, why would we do this this to begin with? One answer that always pops up when I ask people what they want from their life and what they envision for themselves, is happiness. This comes up more than anything and if I then polled all these people to what exactly happiness means for them, some would start with fancying fast cars, big houses, travel and the list of material items gets pretty long. The interesting thing about this is that when we imagine getting these items, the shine can wear off fast leaving us empty and depleted. This is not to say that pretty things are a no no. It merely implies that there is more to happiness then meets the eye. Here’s the spoiler alert; WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE FEELINGS THESE THINGS GIVE US, NOT THE ACTUAL MATERIAL ITEMS themselves. Ah, but there’s more to this happiness thing.

Read on dear one.

Here’s the breakdown in an example; I ask you what do you want to make you happy? An arbitrary answer is “I want to be a millionaire”. Let’s pretend, you can even play dress up with this game and imagine yourself a millionaire or whatever it is that floats your boat. Now once you visualize yourself living this life you’ve so dreamed of; the next step is to really dig into what it feels like. For example; I feel like I’m in charge of my life, people respect me when I walk into a room and I am surrounded by beautiful things that make me smile. This can go on and on and I hope if your anything like me, you get comfy into this visualization, settle back and steep in these thoughts for a while. PS this is a very big way to begin to make things happen, neuroscience supports this theory so go ahead and indulge.

Now once you come back from this play and imagination, look at what really made you happy. Most likely it wasn’t staring at the actual money. It was the experiences the money gave you.

AHA, this means that the first step is knowing what type of experiences you want and then going after them. Hint, you do not need the money to have these experiences, yet once you start going after them, ironically the money will follow. This is another vital step in getting what you want, go after, take action and seek out those experiences.

It all starts with the mind and how fulfilling you find the things you are doing. This is the first of three ways that we can be deeply happy. Below, all three are explained by the father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman. Let’s get a little heady and theoretical here and look at the term used for complete happiness, it's called “authentic happiness" and is explained like this;

“Happiness could be analyzed into three different elements that we choose for our own sakes: positive emotion, engagement, and meaning. And each of these elements is better defined and more measurable than happiness. The first is positive emotion; what we feel: pleasure, rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort, and the like. An entire life led successfully around this element, I call the “pleasant life.” The second element, engagement, is about flow: being one with the music, time stopping, and the loss of self-consciousness during an absorbing activity. I refer to a life lived with these aims as the “engaged life.” Engagement is different, even opposite, from positive emotion; for if you ask people who are in flow what they are thinking and feeling, they usually say, “nothing.” In flow we merge with the object. I believe that the concentrated attention that flow requires uses up all the cognitive and emotional resources that make up thought and feeling. There is yet a third element of happiness, which is meaning. I go into flow playing bridge, but after a long tournament, when I look in the mirror, I worry that I am fidgeting until I die. The pursuit of engagement and the pursuit of pleasure are often solitary, solipsistic endeavors. Human beings, ineluctably, want meaning and purpose in life. The Meaningful Life consists in belonging to and serving something that you believe is bigger than the self...”

-Martin Seligman Ph.D., April 2011.

Now that we know what happiness is, here are some questions you can ask yourself to understand what it is that makes you happy.

What brings me pure pleasure?
What activities create flow for me?
What is my main purpose in life?

And here’s a handy punchlist of the big winners on the happiness scale, now that you have it, I say go get ‘em tiger.

Relationships; meaningful ones, ones that fill your cup, where you can express your heart.

Acts of Kindness; nuff said.

Exercise and Physical Well being; keep moving that body and nourishing your health.

Flow; you know, that feeling of losing time.

Spiritual Engagement and Meaning; discovering what matters most to you.

Strengths and Virtues; discovering and use of your strengths.

Positive Mindset; optimism, mindfulness, gratitude and hope.

So remember sweet new blogger friend, in order to get to that place you want to be, it's important to begin to create the experiences as if you already have them.

*If your feeling like you need a little more work with this, shoot me over an email and we'll take a looksee together.


PS and most importantly....Don’t worry be happy😉